Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Balotelli has apologized for his post but has got a huge criticism on Twitter

Balotelli, 24, has apologized for his post that he posted on his Instagram page of Nintendo computer game character Super Mario.

But before his apology, the Italian had tweeted to deny the text of the post was offensive. The Football Association has asked Balotelli for his observations and told him to respond until Friday.

Mario Balotelli
His post has gathered a huge criticism on Twitter. Responding to criticism on Twitter, Balotelli tweeted: "My Mom is Jewish so all of you shut up please." 

He also described reposting the image as "my unlucky moment." However, he later wrote: "I apologise if I've offended anyone.The post was meant to be anti-racist with humour. I now understand that out of context it may have the opposite effect."

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