Friday, October 21, 2016

FOOTBALL FEVER: It’s still rising

Football has always been the favorite sport all across the world. Over the last few decades this sport activity has gained very fast impetus around the globe. Be it be world cup, premier leagues, Euro cup or any other tournament, majority of facebook updates, tweets have one thing in common and that is football .

Teams fight to win their respective league title, some fight to be in the top spots so they can play in UEFA championship and others to avoid the relegation zone.  Every year we see so many unpredictable things that sometimes the team who was not been able to qualify for top ten in one season, wins the league title in the next one as in the case of Leicester City last season. This certainly has changed the prediction of repeated winner and made the game more interesting not only for fans but football betting industries too.

The track record of the team, the no. of draw matches, no. of football betting matches and odds at William Hill certainly provides edge to punters in placing their bets. There are many matches where track records help one to predict the probable winner but sometimes coins flips the other side too.

football betting matches and odds at William Hill

Our memory is still fresh when Atletico Madrid defeated all time favorite Barcelona in Champions league this year and later become the finals. The matches like this produce some great football, controversial decisions and tears of joy and despair at the same time as the final whistle blows that even the dormant viewers come out of their shells and become nostalgic.

There is a long list besides the skills that a players shows in the match that make fans love this game so much like fights, fake dives, wrong decisions, players distributing their jerseys in matches to their fans and all others.

Besides all this the football fans never get tired of expressing their happiness over the win of their favorite team, criticism over the loss of major match, views and opinions about the transfers of players and controversies surrounding the match. There is always an overwhelming response of people before the start and end of any important match.

Football is such a game which has something for all the age groups. The most beautiful and remarkable feature of this game is that with every new season, with every new match it brings more vigour, more fun and more excitement.


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