Friday, June 1, 2012

Chelsea striker Lukaku: I deserve more chances

Chelsea striker Lukaku believes he deserves more chances to be in the playing squad and wants to make that point in a meeting with the new permanent manager.
Lukaku, 19, joined Chelsea in August 2011 for a fee. He is likely to be presented with more first-team chances next season when Didier Drogba is not around.

Lukaku told the Daily Star, "I will need to talk to the coach about my future". I hope for a coach next year who gives chances to young players, not like last year. If he does not want to talk to me, then I'm considering a loan. 
"But at the moment my focus is on Chelsea. I will go with them on summer tour and I hope to get some new chances. I think I deserved more chances at Chelsea. What I really need is three months to prove myself. 
"Last year I played a game, then nothing for three weeks except games with the reserves and then I was on the bench. That is not easy for a young player. I also said that to Chelsea and they understood my concerns. 
"I have become a better player though. I lost weight, I move a lot more on the field and I really think I have the ability to play for Chelsea." 

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