Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Football Association's Rejection for Hull Tigers

Hull City owner, Assem Allam has wrote an application to change club's name to Hull Tigers but The Football Association’s membership committee has collectively denied Hull’s request to change their name to Hull Tigers. In the response Allam reiterated that he would "walk away" from the club if the full FA council follows the committee's recommendation at its meeting on 9 April.

Assem Allam
 The FA said in a statement: ‘The FA’s membership committee met on March 12 and has made a unanimous recommendation to the FA Council to reject Hull’s request to change their playing name to Hull Tigers from next season.
‘The recommendation, which came after consultation with stakeholders within and outside of the game, will be discussed and voted upon at a full FA Council meeting on April 9.
‘Hull are able to make a further submission to the FA Council in view of the written reasons, which they have received, before the April 9 meeting.
‘A final decision will be made at that meeting. As such, the FA will be making no further comment at this time.’

Allam when asked about his promise of “walk away” said, "How could you imagine I would change my mind? People who know me know that I do not go back on what I say."

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