Friday, March 14, 2014

Ronaldo to pay $83,000 for 10 month old Erik Ortiz-Cruz's Brain Surgery

Cristiano Ronaldo the Real Madrid star who recently awarded as world richest player according to The Goal Rich List 2014 was asked to donate his cleats and used jersey for a charity auction, benefitting a 10 month old child suffering from a brain disorder.

The 10 month old Erik Ortiz-Cruz suffers from cortical dysplasia, a brain disorder that causes him to have as many as 30 seizures per day. Ortiz-Cruz’s family has not been able to cover the costs of his treatment until a family friend reached out to Ronaldo.
The friend originally asked Ronaldo to donate cleats or a signed Real Madrid jersey for an auction on the child’s behalf, but Ronaldo went ahead and pledged to pay the full $83,000 cost of the surgery.

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