Friday, June 19, 2015

Is Paul Pogba going to be the highest bidder this season?

Paul Pogba is being chased by many presumed clubs and Inspite of his denial to leave Juventus the bidding options are not coming to an end.

Barca presidential applicant Agusti Benedito has already submitted its strong interest for bringing Pogba on Camp Nou despite of Barca’s transfer ban until 2016.

Paul Pogba

Real Madrid had made a bid for Pogba in region of £70m with Paris Saint-Germain joining the chase for the French international by offering a new bid of £70m for him.

Although Real have yet to decide if they will stump up the £70m needed plus wages in excess of £200,000-a-week the France international is demanding.

Manchester City, with the premier league to start open from August 8, are not lifting its hand back to sign Pogba.

The tug-of-war seems to make not only a good signing club option for Pogba but a highest bidding option too.  

The 27-year-old plans to report back for duty next month after recovering from the knee injury which ended a miserable season at the start of May.

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